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Monday, December 14, 2015

How To Engage the Weapons of Resistance Against Satan

In Luke chapter 4, the devil came to Jesus, knowing He was hungry after forty days fasting, and said to Him, “Turn these stones into bread.” Jesus didn’t just tell him, “Satan keep quiet.” No! that’s not how to resist the devil.

There is a weapon of resistance at your disposal, which Jesus Himself used. He said to Satan, “It is written…” Men who have God’s Word in them, and are smart to release it from their mouth in faith, are men who will keep the devil off their shores.

After Jesus said “It is written…”, the devil had to look for something else to do. The realm of “It is written…” is a realm where he could not proceed any further. This is the language of resistance, the force the devil cannot withstand. He will always bow to it. When Jesus spoke those words in faith, the devil couldn’t proceed any further.

There are many areas in which the devil is trying to harass you. The way to stop him is by bringing out God’s Word from your heart, such Word that stands against his evil plans.

Resistance Against Satan

By the time the devil came to Jesus the second time, once again Jesus said, “It is written…” He didn’t pray, neither was there anyone around with whom He could pray a prayer of agreement.

The third time the devil came in his usual resilience and Jesus gave it to him again, “It is written…” This time, the devil concluded, “There is nothing I can do with this man.”

And Luke 4:13 says: And when the devil had ended as the temptation, he departed from him (Jesus) for a season.

A man who has value for God’s Word will earn great respect for himself. He will be respected in the kingdom of darkness. We are not talking about religion, we are talking about vibrant Christian living!

Every prayer that is void of God’s Word cannot do anything to the devil. If Satan is threatening you with the fear of death, all you need to do is say, “It is written, they that serve God shall have the number of their days fulfilled. Satan, your threat of death over my life cannot hold. I am of God and I have overcome you. Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.”

The devil quickly leaves men who speak that kind of language. When he is making a list of people he cannot touch, he will add their own – “Jesus I know, Paul I know… (and he will include your name)”.

When you declare “It is written…”,let it come from a depth where doubt has no access – from the depth of your heart. It’s time to do what Jesus did. All the time you spend running around, looking for people to help you, I wish you could spend it with God’s Word.

Locate what guarantees your triumph in the battle you’re facing. That’s all you need. Just locate the right Word and stand on it. The devil must surely how, because the Word of God is that Light that shines in darkness and darkness has no answer to it (John 1:5).

The more darkness there is, the more prominently light shines. This is why the devil has no answer to light. The devil cannot hang around your life, when God’s Word reigns supreme there. All you need to do therefore, is get yourself drunk with God’s Word, be ready any day to release “It is written…”

Don’t every sit down with trouble, expose it. Until you get to this point in any battleground, the devil stands to have whatever he wants. True victory is making it in the face of your enemy, not behind him. There is nothing more exciting than your enemy seeing you make progress.

The man of God Fred K.C. Price once told of how he was paying tithes and offerings and yet was getting poorer and poorer. There are many Christians like that today, who since they got to know about God and giving, have never experienced any financial miracle!

One day, however, Fred Price made a discovery. Men who make enquiries make discoveries. He discovered from God’s Word that the mere fact that you’re doing the right thing does not mean you will always have results, because there is one called the adversary. He is against you. He is your arch-enemy. He is out to frustrate you and make you disbelieve God.

Friend, what you need is to know what God says and use it to stand against Satan. Why should a man be paying tithes and giving offerings and his life is not improving? If God is not a liar, the man should see results!

The devil is the thief! If you don’t resist him, steadfastly, he will keep stealing, killing and destroying! You can walk out on the devil!


  1. I don’t know how should I give you thanks! I am totally stunned by your article. You saved my time. Thanks a million for sharing this article.

    1. Thanks Web Designer,

      I am honored to hear that you were blessed by this message.

      Remember, the most important thing is giving your life to Christ and allowing HIM rule your life.

      You are blessed!



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