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Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to Maximize Your Focus

The power of focus with commitment and consistency creates momentum; and momentum creates more momentum. The actions we take in life not only bring success but also teach us new ways of being in the world. 

For example, if we are expanding ourselves to grow our business, receive and be open to love, create a deeper level of intimacy in all areas of our life, we become more courageous. The more bold action we take the more comfortable we become in our own skin. Being comfortable in who you are allows you to experience life from a different perspective.

The power of focus has taught me to completely up-level my life and business. In order to meet my goals and keep my creative juices flowing, I have learned to focus my time and attention on only the activities that will bring the desired results. 

This means if you want to have more fun, grow your business, lose weight, or improve your relationship with yourself, but find yourself distracted (wasting an outrageous amount of hours on Face book, for example), then it's time to bring the power of focus into your life.

Ways to refocus to keep yourself on track, you need a few simple ways to refocus:

 1. Change the Question. You can change your focus by changing your question. If you find yourself focusing on the wrong things, then try changing your question. For example, instead of asking yourself, "Why am I so slow?” you might ask yourself, 

"How can I speed up?" You might ask yourself, "What are three things I want out of this exercise?" Whenever you get distracted or lose focus, rather than "tell" yourself to focus, simply refocus by changing the question.
2. Remind yourself of the goal. If you lose focus, simply remind yourself of what you want to accomplish. Don't beat yourself up over getting off track. Instead, use that same energy to focus and make progress on your goal.

3. Find a way to chart your progress. 

It doesn't have to be sophisticated. It could be crossing off items on a list, or writing marks down on a board. By charting your progress, you'll remind yourself to refocus on the goal.

Here are some common scenarios and how to address them: 

1. How to Focus Now. Ask yourself, what do you want out of this moment? Ask yourself, how can you get more XYZ out of this moment?

2. How to Focus for 20 Minute Intervals. Set a goal. Use a timer.

 3. How to Focus for a Day. Identify three outcomes or wins that you want for the day. Set a mid-day checkpoint and a checkpoint at the end of the day, to check your results.

4. How to Focus for a Week. On Mondays, identify three outcomes or wins that you want for the week. Set a time on Fridays, to review your results. Set a checkpoint mid-week to evaluate your progress. Review your three goals for the week each day.

5. How to Focus for Month. At the start of the month, identify three outcomes that you want for the month. On Mondays, review your three goals for the month. Each Friday, review your progress towards your three outcomes for the month. Set a checkpoint mid-month to re-evaluate your three outcomes for the month. Consider making your focus a 30 Day Improvement Sprint, where each day you invest a small amount of time or go for little wins that add up over the month.

6. How to Focus for a Year. Identify three wins for the year. Assign deadlines for your wins for the year to specific months on the calendar. Review your progress towards your wins each month. If your focus requires significant investment, then consider making one of your items a theme for a given month, and add extra focus to your goal for 30 days.

7. How to Focus for a Lifetime. Identify three wins that you want for your life. Periodically invest a month, such as a 30 Day Improvement Sprint, to focus on one of these achievements.


  1. Hi Emebu,

    Focus is a main key for success, if your target is bright and you done your focus on your target then you will achive your target esily..
    good article.

    Mohd Arif

  2. Hi Mohd,

    Thanks for coming around, the force of focus cannot be ignored if you must make success in life. In my place, it is said that to live without focus is to live like a goat.

    Thanks for coming

  3. Nice Information , I have to say that for the last few of hours i have been hooked by the impressive articles on this website. Keep up the wonderful work.

  4. Thanks Jesse,

    I am honored, this post has been of help to someone so precious like you.



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