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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

6 Very Vital SEO Tools for 2014

Like many other SEO practitioners around the world, I have spent the past couple of years trying out various techniques, methods and tools to try to finding the holy grail of tools that allows me to perfect my job. 

I have found that unless you are prepared to pay (or sweet talk your boss into paying) a substantial monthly fee for said tools, you are left mainly to rely on the freebies that are scattered around the internet to conduct your everyday jobs.

 Being the kind hearted kind of person that I am, I have decided to share my knowledge of some of the best free tools that are out there. Now before you read any further you need to understand one important thing; these are tools that I use. They may not be the very  best tools, they may not be the most efficient way of doing SEO but saying that they are equally likely to be the best tools in the world - I have no idea. All I know is that I use them and they work vey well for me a great deal.

 I have no connection with the companies that produce these tools and do not take any blame for the overwhelming successes (or losses) that may incur through use of these tools. I'm also kind of hoping that this article will start a conversation and that I get a multitude of people suggesting other tools for SEO use.

Here Are The Tools:
1. Keyword research: I find it almost impossible to conduct successful keyword research without really understanding the client and what it is they are trying to promote. I always meet with the client and grill them about their business and what they want to push. I try to visit their business, get shown around, find out what their customers are like, look at their products - anything that helps me understand the business in question. Forming a relationship with my client is one of the key things for me that really help.

2. Google AdWords. I use this to gauge which keywords search engine users are actually typing in. I'm sure this is the norm for most SEOers but I guess if you're just starting out and no-one tells you which tools to use, how on earth would you know?

3. Finding broken bits:  internetmarketingninjas - I have no connection with these guys but I do use their tools on a regular basis. I mainly use the 'broken links, redirects and site crawl tool' to give an overall idea of the state of a website's title tags and meta descriptions as well any broken internal links that there may be.

4. Bing.com/webmaster/diagnostics/seo/analyzer:  You do need to sign up and verify your website to use Bing webmaster tools but it is definitely worth it, if only for the SEO analyzer tool. Stick your url in and it will tell you if there are H1 problems, alt text missing and lots of other useful doodads.

5. Building backlinks opensiteexplorer:
Is a great help with building up backlinks. Stick your competitors url in and it gives you a list of their backlinks. You can then steal use this information to help you build your own backlink profile.

6. Overall website checknibbler.silktide: Put the website url in and it provides you with a score out of 10. Not only that, it gives you a breakdown of what's good and bad and hints to how you can improve the website - very handy.

Like I say, I have no affiliation with any of these websites or tools and don't know anyone else who does either but hopefully you may find some of these useful and if you have any tools that you are willing to share, please do using the comment box below.