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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Personal Foundational Prayers for Deliverance

This is a section dedicated to personal intercessory breakthrough prayers. Follow the prayers carefully, feel free to add your list to this list of selected prayers. In this prayers, you will; be focusing on your foundations, it is written: "If the foundations are faulty, What can the righteous do?....Psm. 11 : 3 "

SECTION A - - - 2Chro. 7 v 14 and Isa. 1 v 18:
1. Oh merciful God, I come before you today with a repentant heart, have mercy upon me according your loving-kindness, forgive my sins and heal me.

2. Oh lord, your forgiveness is greater than that of man, if there be any one I had offended in the past that is holding down my life in any way, please according to your mercy forgive me and restore me.

SECTION B - - - Isa.49 v 24 - 26
3. Isa. 54 v 17: Oh you altar of witchcrafts speaking against my life, marriage, business, fruitfulness, I command total destruction by Holy Ghost fire now.

4. Col. 2 v 14 - 15: Oh you wicked altar crying and enchanting against my fruitfulness, business, health etc, by the blood of Jesus Christ, I terminate your operations and activities in my life now.

5. Eze. 11 v 1 - 4: You strange altar that is manipulating miscarriage, failures, disappointments, stagnations etc, in my marriage, business and career, by the fire of the Holy Ghost, I command your foundation to be uprooted and destroyed now.

6. Isa. 49 v 24 - 25: Every evil altar which I raised by myself or anyone else in pursuit of solutions that is working against me now, I command you to be destroyed now in Jesus name.
7. Num. 23 v 19 - 23: Every channel, accounts and calendar that the enemies has opened for my life, by the fire of Holy Ghost, let all be terminated now and eternally.

8. Luke 10 v 19: Oh you witchcraft agents, animals, birds, ants, living/non living things that is assigned for my life, as I begin to pray now, let fire and hailstones form God consume you to ashes.

9. Acts 4 v 12: Every witchcraft altar, marine altar, or any demonic place where I or someone else has submitted myself, pictures, money, materials, by the fire of the Holy Ghost, let all such items be burnt to ashes.

10. 1Cor. 6 v 15 - 17: Wherever my forefathers has dedicated me to before, during and after my birth, I am a new creature in Christ, old things has passed away, therefore, let every negative effects of such dedications be totally eradicated from my life now.

11. Col.2 v 14 – 15: Oh lord of hosts, as I begin pray now, let every covenant, vows, agreement, oath and ties established before, during and after my birth, or that I got myself involved in the pursuit of solutions with any ungodly persons, group, spirits or gods which is speaking against my life be broken by the blood of Jesus Christ now.
12. 1Cor. 6 v 19 – 20: you spirit husband, wife or partner, which is afflicting my life in any way, by the fire of the Holy Ghost, and by the blood of Jesus Christ, be eternally separated from me now.

13. Gen. 19 v 24 - 25: Oh you evil altar, pot, fire, mirror that had been put in place for my life, as I begin to pray now, let the fire and brimstones from God consume all of you and burn you to ashes.

14. Job 5 v 12: Oh lord, you are the man of war, let whatever is being used in the witchcraft coven and any other evil places to represent me, pictures, images, cloth, shoes, etc, be roasted by the Holy Ghost fire now.

15. Col. 2 v 9 - 10: Oh you earth, I give you a new commandment this day, receive no more enchantments against me, vomit out every enchantments you had received against me in time past; smite everyone that wants make evil enchantments against me.
16. Psm. 35 v 5 - 6: Oh you angels of warfare; go with your sword and arrows of fire, pursue and smite anyone that is sponsoring evil against my life, business, marriage, career etc.

17. 1Cor. 3 v 16 - 17, 23: Whatever had been manipulated into me through dreams or incisions on my body which is afflicting my life now, as I begin to pray now, lose your potency and be purged out of my body by the blood of Jesus Christ.

18. Heb. 9 v 22: Oh lord of hosts, I deploy the blood of Jesus Christ to go into my very root and foundation, and purge me inside and outside, and make me a vessel unto honour and glory.


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