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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Conquering Power Of Faith

Nothing goes out of shape when there is a hand to control, and nothing can frustrate your efforts when you are totally in control. Faith is the weapon for absolute control of everything in this kingdom. Faith has all the resources required for you to be in charge.

In this kingdom, faith is the only force that enhances the flow of your blessings, your all breakthroughs and turn-arounds. Remember, it is written, “without faith it is impossible to please God…Heb.11:6”. Until your faith pleases God it cannot produce.


Faith comes and grows by hearing, BUT, it can only produce by speaking; until you open your mouth and declare; your faith whether great or small remains impotent. 

A speaking faith does not recognize barriers, limitations, stagnations, economy and distance; it speaks and establishes itself every where and every time. 

Therefore, when you see it with your eyes of faith, open your mouth and begin to declare it: calling the things that are not as though they are…Jer.43:26. You must not stop speaking; keep talking it, keep singing it until it becomes a practical reality. Where you stop speaking is where your control stops. Faith is a controlling force any day any time.

Faith is a spiritual weapon that is not limited to the physical. Remember, there are two things in life, blessings and cursing; these two are orchestrated spiritually. So faith being a spiritual force has the potentials to handle them accordingly.

See Eph.1:3; this implies that God has completely completed everything that will make for your all-round breakthrough, lifting, promotion and living in glory. Therefore, you must of necessity speak what the scripture says and not what is on ground. 

As far as God is concerned, you are blessed already with all kinds of blessings; BUT, they are still resident in the spirit realm. This is where faith comes to play; faith is the only force that your blessings in the spirit realm answer to.

The other day God desired a glorious earth filled with all good things, He had the mental picture in His head; so under minding what was on ground He went ahead to speak out what He has seen with the eyes of faith, His desires. The rule of the game is “do not speak what is on ground but what you desired to see”.

Everything that is created came via the word of God, and all are being sustained by the word….Heb. 1:3, 11:3. Faith in its entirety is rooted in the word of God that is why it can handle everything and cannot fail. Nothing can resist a speaking faith.

A speaking faith does not regard the toughness of the situation on ground, nor the kind of persons around; it has enough potent to control and arrest every situation on ground and turn them around for the better.

Do not forget, in this kingdom, we are commanded to walk by faith and not by sight; you must therefore enforce the change you desire with your mouth no matter what is on ground.

Luke 21:15, made us to understand that we have an anointed mouth to speak in season and out of season, do not be a seasonal speaker; keep speaking it, and keep talking it.

By faith you are a territorial commander, because your faith has turned you into a spiritual man who judgeth all things but himself is not judged..1Cor.2:15. Therefore, begin to issue commands to enforce your desires; your faith has enough raw materials to create, recreate, replace, build and establish whatever your desires may be. You must keep speaking for therein your faith is being build up.

A speaking faith puts you in the class of God where all things are possible. The scriptures said, “with men it may be impossible, but not with God, for with God all things are possible…Mk. 10:27”. The implication of this is that as a natural man, nothing can be possibly achieved. You can of yourself do nothing. In Mk. 9:23, it is written, “if you can believe, all things are possible unto him that believes”.

This means an ordinary man that chooses to believe has become a supernatural man; his faith has translated him to the class of the supernaturals where all things are readily possible. 

Therefore, all things are possible unto a man of faith because his faith has made him a god seeing no impossibilities; no wonder Psm. 82:6 says, “ye are gods”.


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