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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Personal Supplication Prayers

Friends, life is a race and not a program, life is a warfare and not a fun-fare. But life is a personal journey. The one major way to make the best of life is to be a man/woman of prayers.

1. Lord Jesus, I rededicate my life afresh to you, let your blood make me clean and whole, be my lord and savior from henceforth, let your spirit come upon me afresh.

2.Holy spirit, I invite you into my life, take over my entire being and fill me with your gifts and power to enable me live a victorious Christian life henceforth…Acts 1:8.

3.By the blood of Jesus Christ, I destroy every covenant, vows, agreement, oath, links and connection I had with all ungodly spirits in the past…Col.2:13-15.

4.By the blood of Jesus Christ, I enter into a new covenant of life, divine health, dominion and prosperity with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, He is my God and I am His child now.

5.By the efficacy of the blood of Jesus Christ, let my mind, conscience, spirit, soul and body be purged and made whole from every form of ungodliness..Heb.9:22.

6.Let the root and the apatite for sinful lifestyle be uprooted out of my life henceforth.

7.Holyspirit, let your purifying fire purify me, let your sanctifying fire sanctify me and let your cleansing fire cleanse me spirit, soul and body making me a vessel of honour.

8.Baptize me daily with the spirit of joy and gladness in the Holy ghost.


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