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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Top 5 Tools to analyze your website

Hi folk, i am Naveen, today I am here with a post which I think every SEO, website owner and blogger would like to read because everyone want to analyze their website growth. As you all know Google is updating their algorithms anytime so it is most important to keep an eye on your website performance. 

So question is how you can know your website performance? Means is your website doing well on search engine or is it gain expected traffic or is there any need to make changes in your website.  

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A deep analyzes can contain the following factors:
•    On the bases of traffic
•    On the bases of Website health or technical report
•    On the bases of website’s positive and negative points and there may be many reasons you need to analyze your website.

So without wasting your time and make bored you, I am going to share some tools that will helps you to analyze your website or blog. 

Check out these website analyzing tools:


1. Google Analytic

Google Analytic is a powerful tool that helps you to figure out your website traffic. It is a free service provided by Google, to measure your website traffic stats. You can find that where your visitors are coming from, what they are doing on your website and how often they come back to your website.

If you go in deep, you can find more information in detail like how many visitors are coming from social media, how many from organic searches, how many from paid searches, how many from referral and more. Even you can also find that on which device your website is opened.

So if anyone tells you that Google Analytic isn’t enough for your web analytic then I am sure he is not enough knowledge to use Google Analytic perfectly.

Please share your views on Google Analytic in comment. And complete if I forget something in it.

2. Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster Tool is also the Google’s product. So first of all there is a question that what Google Webmaster tool is? In my opinion it is the best way to understand how Google see your website. You can also say it is the middleman between Google and webmaster.

So now how it will work for your website? For this, first you need to register your website with Google webmaster tool and need to verify your ownership. To verify you have three options:
i. Through Meta Tags : You need to place meta tag in your website.
ii. By Uploading Meta file: You need to download a Meta file that generated in Google Webmaster and then upload it on your website.

iii. Through your hosting server.
iv. Through Google Analytic or Google Tag manager.

By these ways you can verify your website with Google Webmaster. Now what you can do in Google webmaster tool? With this tool you will be able to see what keywords are appearing on Google Searches when it crawl your website. The main feature of Google Webmaster is its diagnostic section.

Here you can monitor your website for Craw errors and Malware attack which are very harmful for our website. Malware attack can block your website and crawl error will stop search spider to come on your website. One another important feature is that it allows you to submit your link direct to Google to index that page with the help of Fetch as Google. 

3. Screaming Frog SEO Spider: 

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a free tool available to analyze your website. It is not a website, it is software. To use this, first of all you need to download and install on your system. After that you can analyze your website by just entering your URL. Keep in mind it will analyze only 500 page on free license and if you have more than 500 pages in your website then you need to buy its license in just £99/year.

 I used this tool to check my blogs thin content. It will tells you all about your website page by page like word count on a page, internal links, outlinks, images and more. I will recommend you to use it at least once.

4. Alexa Rank:

 Alexa Rank is also a great way to check out the growth of your website. It is number that is given on the behalf your website traffic. It helps you to define your website popularity.

“Most popular website always got good alexa rank.”

So to check your alexa rank you need to either install alexa toolbar on your browser or you can also check directly from From Alexa you can find out that in which country your website is popular as well as you can find Bounce Rate, Daily page view per visitor and Daily time spend on your website by a visitor. Along with you can find who visit on your site, related websites, Search traffic and top keywords that are used by the visitors.

Check out the article: How to improve your Alexa rank



It is also a great tool to analyze your website. It is totally based on your web analytic and works same as Google analytic. The only difference is that you need to setup a google analytic account in Google and here is you don’t need to setup. It analyzes your website’s all factor like Geo, social, display, etc and generate a report too. You can download this report in PDF format too.

Bonus Tools:


6) It helps you to find out backlinks with their anchor text.

7) It helps to generate a detailed report of your website.

8) It helps you to check whether your website displays correctly on all web browsers.

Over to You
There are still many other free and paid tools that are used to analyze a website. Hope you all love this article and enjoy this one. Please show your love by sharing on your social media.  I am also requesting you please share your experience in comment box with these tools and also add some which you are using.

This is a guest post by Naveen of  F5ThereFresh

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Blogging 101: 6 Tips for Generating & Keeping Insane Traffic

Driving insane traffic and keeping them is the live-wire of every blog, cooperate or individual blogs. The wealth in blogging lies within the traffic; no traffic – no money. In this post, I will be revealing 6 tips for generating & keeping insane traffic on your blog.

There are some grievous mistakes one can make while building a blog or website that will prevent you from getting the traffic that you so desire, or stop them from wanting to come back to view your fresh content again. Read White Hat Seo tips

The 6 tips revealed here will help you avoid this grievous mistakes. Happy reading!

Revealed- tips- for- Getting- Return- Traffic

1. Pattern Your Blog after a Successful

If you see a another blog that is doing well, do all you can to emulate it’s pattern, however, the truth is that it is getting more traffic and doing better because it is original. As you try to emulate it, get your own content ideas. Don't repeat what someone else said in another way.

Make it easy and simple to understand and offer perhaps that same type of content in your own words.

2.  Make Your Posts Brief

To get readers coming back and get stuck reading your post, one of trick is making brief posts. If the topic you want to talk about is the one that will involve over 300 to 400 words, make it part one, two and so on.

People want things done snappy these days, this is because we are living in a fast moving world; we just have to follow the trend. Consider your own feelings when you are reading. Even the most talented reader will not want to read a page of text that is miles long. 

3. Make Constant Paragraphs in Your Posts

Constantly observe paragraphs in your post and if possible inject images in-between the paragraphs; break up the text with photos or headers to prevent them from appearing like an endless essay that you simply can't get through.

Keep your posts under 400 words, and if it is an instructional or tutorial post, make them bulleted lists or line items, instead of chunks of text.

4. Stay on What the Title Portrays

One sure way to attract traffic and keep them coming back is to have content that is 100% related to your title or key words. This is because they are interested in that topic and that is why they searched it and followed your link.

Make sure the entire post is on what the title promises, in that way you are giving your readers the content they came looking for. If you do, most people will read through to the end and bookmark your blog as a good source of information.

5.  Never Let your Content Go Stale 

Another way to keep getting insane traffic and keep them coming back is to keep your contents ever fresh. By this I mean post regularly; twice or thrice a week is ideal.

Posting regularly is very vital particularly if your blog posts have dates on them; make sure that you add something new every week so that you hold the interest of your readers. If you don’t do this, I am afraid they will get used to visiting your blog to see the same post they saw over 8 days ago as your newest post. 

6.  Don’t Bury Your Posts 

If your blog is a content site, give your readers content, but give them content that is not always buried in-between endless advertisements.

Advertising is good after all you are not blogging just for fun but to generate income, but do it well so that people can view the content unhindered.

Driving insane traffic  to your blog can be done in so many ways: through social medias, forums and many more, but getting the traffic to read your posts and come back to view it over again demands that you must do and have something in your blog that the other blogs in the same niche don't.

Every site visitor wants reasons to read your content through to the end. In all you do, make sure you give them that reason.

Hope you were blessed by this post; I am blessed by this concept as well.

Friday, January 30, 2015

7 Steps to Creating a SEO Friendly Blog

Creating a SEO Friendly Blog is a step in the right direction if your goal is to enjoy the flow of organic traffic. While some people blog as a form of expression of themselves, others do it to earn an income and make a living out of it. 

If your interest is to operate money making blog it would be wise to develop good habits from the start. Here are some well proven blogging tips on how to make your career easier and more profitable.

Blog Title/Name

Names are very vital in the overall performance of your blog; with a relevant name, your blog can attract traffic for itself. Whatever the purpose, reason, or goal of your blog, be sure the title reflects what you are blogging about. Nobody opens a cosmetics shop and went ahead and named it “OBC Auto Shop” it should be something like “OBC Ladies Shop” Do a keyword search if necessary and utilize keywords that best describe what the blog is all focusing on.

Blog Template 

The overall layout of your blog is very crucial because it is possible your have great contents and tutorials but the template you used for your blog can betray you; you must be selective when it comes to templates for you blog. There are so many sites that offers free templates out there that you can get a good template from. Remember, your blog is your business center so it must be well constructed to suit today’s taste. You can contact Oracle Themes for your template customizations.

The Place of Contents

By posting regularly you'll keep both your readers and the search engines coming back. If possible and depending how serious you are, at least posting 3 times a week is ideal, I don’t support multiple posting daily except it is a news blog, is best! Don't let your blog die by not posting on a regular basis.


 Be sure your posts are interesting and useful to your readers. If you are so incline adding a little entertainment value is also helpful. You'll also want to make sure your content contains the keywords for your topic so that it will be indexed by the search engines. Keep it natural and conversational. Remember you are talking with your readers and not the search engines. As a blogging, rule target between 1% and 3 % keyword density.

Try to keep your content brief ( 500 words or less) is ideal, however, if you've chosen a topic that can't be covered in so few words then make a series of postings out of it such as part 1, part 2, part 3 etc.

Insert Images

Inserting images into your post is another way to make your blog look great and professional, it attracts visitors - both the readers and the search engines will love this. But, you must fully optimize these images for SEO and get the best out of them.

Utilize Back Links

Linking is a good way of improving the overall ranking of your blog, humans and search engines loves this as well. Where applicable, use reference words that are relevant with the back links. The content will enrich your blog as long as it is used correctly according to the relevancy of the topic you incorporate it into.

Befriend Other Bloggers

By visiting and posting relevant comments in other blogs (and leaving a back link to your blog) you'll find this action will be reciprocated creating more traffic for both blogs. Article sharing between blogs also boost not only traffic but a stronger sense of community with fellow bloggers.

Use Social Media

Adding social media icons to your blog enables you to share your post to all your followers and friends in Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and the rest with just one click. You can also subscribe to tools like Buffer to enhance your social sharing potentials.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Improving PageRank to Increase Google SERP

Improving Pagerank to increase Google serp takes some bit of tricks to actualize;  A SERP is a page displaying the results of something that has been searched by a search engine. The top search sites include Google, Yahoo Search and the Bing from MSN. 

When we want to look or search something on the internet and do not know which website to look for, we usually take the help of different search sites.  On typing certain key words of the thing that we need to look for on the internet, on the search engine's search bar, we find that the results are displayed in a page, if there are many results; they are displayed in more than one page. 


What is SERP?

SERP means Search Engine Results Page; search engines displayed results of something that you typed into the search box. These results or pages are called SERPS, your objective is to get on page one of these result pages so people looking for what you have to offer will find you!

The patterns of an SERP are not the same for all the search engines.  They differ with the engines that are used.  In addition, the results may differ according to the engines.  Few of them have certain connections with few websites and accordingly as per the type of search, these sites are displayed on the top, while the others, which do not have connections, are displayed later.

There are varying opinions regarding the terms Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and PageRank (PR). Many say that these two are entirely different, independent and are not related with one another while others say they are directly related, as one decreases the other follows and as one improves the other one increases.

 It doesn't need to be an expert in SEO to explain the relevance, difference and relation of these two terms. One just got to have an open mind and understand the algorithm that is presented by the Google Corporate Technology.

What is PageRank?

So now let's define what is PageRank or PR. Stated briefly, PR is a trademark of Google, it belongs only to Google and it is used to rank websites to show their importance, quality and popularity in the Internet. Valuation of PR is all about quality links pointing to a certain website. Now there are many reasons why websites link to other websites, it might be there importance, useful content, reference or quality. 

These links also serve as votes and the more quality backlinks a website acquires from other websites, it is assumed that its PR will be higher. These links will be evaluated by Google and will be used in the computation of a website's PR.

Improving PageRank will Increase Your Rank in SERP

"PageRank Technology: PageRank reflects our view of the importance of web pages by considering more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms. Pages that we believe are important pages receive a higher PageRank and are more likely to appear at the top of the search results."

The above is quoted from Google Corporate Technology Overview (at the time of this writing). It is self-explanatory and clearly states that improving your PR will definitely increase your chances in landing at the top results. Take note that this is only one way on how Google decides which websites will be chosen to be listed at the top of SERP; another way will be discussed later. Now, the direct relation of PR to SERP is presented plainly here.

 If a website's PR increases then the chances of having a good listing in SERP also improve but take note, it does not always work the other way around or vice versa, having a low PR does not always mean a website's status in SERP will lessen or drop.

Your Rank in SERP Can Increase Even with a Low or No PageRank

"Hypertext-Matching Analysis: Our search engine also analyzes page content....our technology analyzes the full content of a page and factors in fonts, subdivisions and the precise location of each word. We also analyze the content of neighboring web pages to ensure the results returned are the most relevant to a user's query."

Again, the above is quoted from Google Corporate Technology Overview (at the time of this writing). This is the second way on how Google determines which websites will be presented at the top search results. This method does not require the use of PR but rather the relevance of the content based on the keywords being searched by Internet users. 

This is the reason why some websites even with zero or low PR or which are new in the Internet lands at the top ten search results. This is also the reason why some webmasters might say to go for SERP and not PR, not knowing that PR also plays an important role in SERP rank

They don't realize that the relevance of content matched against the keywords being searched is the method being used on who lands at the top search results. So in my opinion, if two competing Web pages having similar content and targeting the same set of keywords are indexed, the one with the higher PR will be rightfully chosen.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

4 Tips for Buying a Cheap Business Phone

Opening and operating a business online and offline requires the use of a business phone; you will also agree with me that every business man or woman wants value for his money; therefore, the use of cheap utilities is one of the best ways to achieve great value for your money.
I shall be talking about how to get a cheapest business phone for your business in this short post. If you are used to running your own business, you may also be used to paying close attention to the prices of things you use in your business. It is essential that you take a close look at how to lower the price of your utility bills, getting a good cheap deal on your business premises or cheapest business phones.

Your Opinion of Cheap Business Phone

When it comes to finding a cheapest business phones, it may not necessarily be just a matter of getting the lowest price business phone package available; because what someone else calls "cheap" may not appear "cheap" in your own eyes, when you take into account the products and services that the business phone gives.

The Duration of Use

When getting a cheapest business phone system for your business, you have to think about the timeframe, how long do you intend using your cheapest business phone. That the business phone is cheap does not simply means it should go bad within a short period of time. Therefore, wisdom demands that you make a good research on a cheapest business phone that has the capacity to serve for good number of years because your business is not closing down tomorrow or next month.

Fairly Used or Brand New?

When you want to buy a cheapest business phone, it is wise you consider going for a brand new one or fairly used; at first glance you may be reluctant to consider using fairly used business telecoms equipments. However, if the equipment is well made, you may be able to have years of use out of a refurbished cheapest business phone system - and no one ever has to know that it is a fairly used phone.

Maintenance issues

It is worthy to note that whether you buy a brand new or cheapest business phone, it surely will require maintenance one day. The big question is: Is there a service personnel nearby who can fix any challenge that may arise from using this brand of phone? Can the nearest phone repairer fix it?

If you do not have a relationship with a firm of systems maintenance engineers, you may not know who to turn to in a situation where your cheapest business phone stopped working or malfunctions. You therefore end up paying top dollar for emergency call out charges. But on the other hand, if you bought your cheapest business phone from a firm that had an in house team to give you after sales and maintenance support, then you will be rest assured that you could always rely on having the support that you needed anytime.

Therefore, I solidly recommend that you buy your cheapest business phone from a firm or store that provides after purchase supports.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Perfect Elevator Sales Pitch For Your Business

This blog post was written by my friend Rok - he runs a weight loss psychology blog, but he can also show you how to use psychology to better promote your business/product/service. Here's how he talks to complete strangers - to warm them up for his business in just a couple of minutes...

My "perfectelevator sales pitch" can help you generate more leads/customers for your business in just about any social situation. The psychology behind my "perfect" elevator sales pitch can be used in the online/blogging world as well - my example works best in real-life situations.

So, how do you talk to a barely-interested stranger you just start turning him into a raving fan - and a lifelong customer of your business?

Now, I want to point out that I don't just go around and pitch my business to random people...but if the right opportunity comes along - then my "perfect elevator pitch" goes something like this:


RP (random person): "What line of work are you in?"

ME: "I'm a weight loss psychologist."

RP: " you help people lose weight? How, exactly?"

ME: "Yes - let's say you wanted to get rid of every last ounce of your extra body fat...can you think of a single reason why you haven't done that so far?"

RP: "I can't stay away from chocolate...I can't stick to an exercise routine...I have zero willpower when it comes to food..." [the answers will be different from person to person]

ME: "What if I you were able to deal with [I repeat the problem the person mentioned] and finally get rid of that body fat...can you imagine how your life would improve?"

RP: "I'd have more energy...more confidence...I'd be more attractive to women..."[again, each person will give different answers here]

ME: "What if I told you I can show you exactly why you haven't been able to deal with [whatever problem the person mentioned] so far - and that there is a much easier way to handle it..."

ME: " fact, I have written an entire book on this subject, but since you don't know me, you might want to take a look my website or subscribe to my free newsletter you can see for yourself what my work's all about."

RP: "Sure, what's your website?" [inabout 99% of cases]

Then I simply "close the deal"by handing them my business card.

The psychology behind my elevator sales pitch (why it works)

Since you're probably not working in the weight loss industry - you need to understand the psychology behind my elevator sales pitch - so you'll be able to adapt it for your own business/product/service as well.

Here's why I say the stuff I say (and why I say it in that order):

1. I start talking about the top benefit of my business - that's also general enough to appeal to most random people I meet. In my line of work that top benefit would certainly be getting rid of any extra body fat.

2. Then, instead of making a blind guess about what the person struggles with - I ask them to name their own problems/obstacles that prevented them from reaching that top benefit on their own.

3. Once I know what's really bugging them, I remind them of how much better their lives could be...if only they could get rid of that "bug". But again, I don't make blind guesses about how their lives will improve - I encourage them to use their own imagination (because nothing "sells" better than that).

4. Now, that they are vividly imagining how much better their lives would be if only they could get rid of their problems - only now it is the right time to introduce my solution into the conversation.

I mention I wrote an entire book that can help them get that benefit they are so vividly imagining in that moment - but because I don't want to sound pushy or "salesy" - I immediately disarm their doubts by warning them about how they should not blindly trust me...and that they should definitely check out my website/ newsletter first.

Your elevator sales pitch blueprint
That's it - sweet, short and effective - and I think the same "blueprint" could easily be used with just about any other business/product/service.

So to recap what you need to do (step by step):
1. Lead with the biggest benefit of your business/product/service.

2. Point out why it hasn't been solved so far (or even better, get your prospect to do it).

3. Suggest how much their lives would improve (but try to let their own imagination go wild).

4. Present your solution - but in a way that builds trust and doesn't make you look like a salesman.

5. Close the "deal" with your business card and congratulate yourself on another new lead.

Now go, write down your own "perfect elevator sales pitch" and practice it for a while - so when you find yourself in that proverbial elevator (with your potential customer) - you'll know exactly what to say.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

6 Qualities of a Good Web Hosting Provider

Choosing the best web hosting provider can be a critical task because there are so many things to consider. You must remember that it is a quality hosting service which determines how smoothly the website will run and ensures that it stays on without any downtime and interruptions.

One of the first thought that comes to the mind of a searcher for good web hosting provider is how much the cost is. Let this not bother you because there are good web hosting provider with as low as $10 a month or below with quality packages and services offered with it.

Referring to a web hosting provider as the best is not a title but their level of responsibility to their numerous customers and the testimonies that such customers shares concerning the quality services they enjoyed from such web hosting provider.

This is what distinguishes one web hosting provider from another. Such web hosting provider guarantees you the overall well-being of your web site; you are sure there will not be any kind of complications or problems in the nearest future. This is when a web hosting provider is referred to as the Best hosting company.     


With these in mind you will be able to find the best web hosting provider or web hosting for blogs. However, I shall be highlighting some qualities of a good web hosting company that provides good web hosting for blogs. Here are some of the major qualities that a good web hosting provider should posses.

1. Secured Server

Good web hosting provider must be able to daily monitor your server and alert you whenever something goes wrong. This will enable you respond swiftly to fixing whatever problems that might have occurred. Remember, it is risky for a web hosting provider not to monitor your server for 24 hours.

2. Software/Tools

Good web hosting provider should be able to provide you with the needed software/tools that are needed to get your task of running a great website. For instance if you want to set up a blog, there should be web hosting for blogs and other plugins which you need to set up your blog with ease.

3.  Backup Services

Good web hosting provider must be able to guarantee you a daily backup service should in-case your website gets compromised.

4. Loading Speed

Nothing can be more frustrating for internet users than a webpage that is loading sluggishly.  I for one do not have the patience to wait for 2 minutes for a webpage to load; this is because there other WebPages that offers the same information. Even search engines frowns at WebPages that does not load fast enough. 

Nisha Pandey of SeoTechyWorld had to change her web hosting company for this singular reason.

5.  Swift Tech Support

Good web hosting provider must be able to give 24/7 support in case you encounter technical and troubleshooting problems.

6. Flexible and Advanced

As your website/blog begins to attract swarms of traffic by the day, growing and becoming more and more established, you will be having a great need for tech assistance. This is because you have to increase your online space, get faster bandwidth and avail of other tech support services.

Therefore, your web hosting provider must be flexible enough to provide the additional requirements whenever you needed them. In addition to this, your web hosting provider must be constantly updated with the latest trends in technology so that you're always using the most recent software applications for your tasks.

Finally, if your web hosting provider or company does not meet the above listed qualities, it is either you manage with them for now or you go in search of a better web hosting provider.
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