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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Forum Traffic Generation Secrets Revealed

There’s no point in having a website or a blog if no one comes to it. Often times, people think of a website the way Kevin Costner thought in the famous movie - Field of Dreams - Once you build it, everybody would come. Unfortunately that isn’t the case always. People often put in a great deal of energy, thought, money and time into launching a blog or a website, only to be shocked to learn that it doesn’t rank anywhere on the first or second page and no one actually comes to visit it.

Generating traffic to a site can seem like a mysterious form of voodoo to some - especially when it comes to "free" online traffic. I put the quote marks around free, because in reality nothing is free. Your time is certainly worth something, and free traffic generation does take lots of time.

That being said, if you’re interested in sparing two to three hours a day to these traffic generation techniques, you can easily generate hundreds or even thousands of new leads to your website within a short time.

In this post therefore, I will be sharing with you the secret of generating traffic from forums, so let’s get going.

How To Get The Most From Forum Marketing

Forum posting is one of the most powerful secrets to generating instant traffic. The concept is simple. You find a forum in your niche i.e. related to the topic of your site or product name.

You should become an active member on your chosen forums and post topics, answer questions, and also respond to threads. If you spend just 30 - 60 minutes a day being active on forums, you would be easily able to generate 40-60 visitors a day from this method alone. That’s between 1200 – 1800 visitors a month. Not bad from just one forum. Do this for 5 – 10 forums and see the results you get. It will surprise you.

To get the best results, have a well prepared profile with a link pointing back to your lead capture page.

Quick Tip: Always post replies or answer questions only on newly created threads. This way your post is at the beginning or near the beginning of the thread. Doing this will ensure many people will read your comments. So avoid commenting on threads with lots of comments already.

Another benefit of forum marketing is that you can easily use it to find joint venture partners to do business with or swap traffic with. Use this method to find joint venture partners who will send you free traffic. This is discussed later in this report.

Where To Find Forums

You can Google to find niche forums by typing your "keyword+forum" into Google search. From the results you get, begin looking for good forums to join.

You can also use our forum finder software to find forums in your niche. You can see how it works here: Niche traffic locator. Almost all forums will allow you to add a hyperlink to your website or blog from your profile and your signature file. Try to add a descriptive link to your signature. For instance, instead of Gardening Website put something like Gardening Secrets Revealed or Free Gardening Tips.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

7 Ways to Write A Search Engine Optimized Blog Post

In this blog post, I'm going to teach you a simple method on how to write a SEO optimized post on your blog. I'm going to make it very simple, and it will help you a lot if you're a beginner in blogging.

If you're an experienced blogger, this info might not be new to you, as you might already been implementing SEO strategies to your blog. Nevertheless, enjoy reading this post too.


I used a very simple plan to SEO optimized my blog posts most of the time, and I can say I've been getting great results from my SEO efforts. I got people calling me to ask about my business. I got partnerships through bloggers who found me on Google. So let me share with you what I did.

1. Pick Your Keyword.

You can search for high demand keywords using Google Keyword Tool. Pick keywords that are more targeted instead of general ones. Example of General Keyword = "Compensation Plan". Example of Targeted Keyword = "Best MLM Compensation Plan In The World".

It is easier to rank for keywords that are more targeted than general keywords. The keyword that you have searched and wanted to use will be your main keyword.

2. Put Your Keyword In Your URL Post Permalink.

In every blog post, you'll have to insert your blog post permalink.

For example, I'm using 'seo optimized posts' as my permalink. Put only the main keyword you want to optimize. Try not to put the whole title into as the permalink.

3. Insert Your Main Keyword Into Your Title. in Front As Possible.
Put it at the front, and then create an attention-grabbing blog post title too. For example, "Best MLM Compensation Plan - Where To Find It?"

4. Adding Main Keyword Into Post Content

Include your main keyword in your first 50-100 words.

Then for the rest of the passage, do not mass-spam your main keyword. It is highly recommended that you only add in 2-3 main keywords in your passage. Add one at the beginning, one at the center, and one nearing the end of the post.

* Mass spamming or repetition your main keyword may get your blog post penalized by Google. You don't need a 100 repetition of your main keyword to get ranked by Google.

* Write for Human first, Spiders second. Insert your main keyword appropriately in your post, and make your post readable. Don't write for the sake of getting page ranked, and forget about the real human reading your post.

5. Link your Main Keyword To A URL.

Do link your main keyword in your blog post at least once to a URL. Of course, you would want to link that keyword to a relevant url of yours. But you may also want to link it out to others' urls.

6. Use All-In-One SEO Plugin.

If you're in WordPress, you would have used this plugin called All-In-One SEO, which helped you a lot to rank your blog post in search engines. There are 3 sections you have to fill in.

7. Publish and Ping

Publish your post, and then Ping it using Ping-o-matic to inform search engines about your latest post. They will then send out their 'spiders' to look for your articles.

Ping your every time you publish your blog post too.

Enter Title of your blog post, the URL of your blog post, and RSS feed of your blog.

Then Select all the Ping services, and then Ping It!

That is it!

This is just the basics of writing a SEO Optimized post if you're new to blogging. There are of course many advanced SEO tricks and strategies that can help you optimized your post further. And i will touch on that next time.

Friday, November 14, 2014

6 Simple Steps to Optimize AdSense on Your Blog

AdSense is one of the primary income generators for blogs and websites. Usually you are able to drastically improve your click-through rate and total net by placing the advertisements wisely, by improving the material targeting or by optimizing the ad units directly. Below I will cover the last point, how to optimize the AdSense units with 6 simple tips:


1. The three top performing AdSense units are: 336×280 large rectangle, 300×250 inline rectangle and 160×600 wide skyscraper. Think about using those units if possible, but bear in mind that depending on your site design, other formats may be more appropriate for you.

2. The more successful link color is blue. This info is connected with the roots of the Internet where all major sites used to feature blue links.

3. Aside from blue links you are able to also use a link color that matches the pattern of your site (i.e. if you use green links make the AdSense links of the same color). The aim is to make sure that the ad units does fit into your site colors adequately.

4. As a general rule of thumb, blend (no border, same background) your AdSense units if your site has a light color scheme and contrast (border, contrasting background) the units if you're using a dark color scheme

5. If the ad units are based within the content you should avoid using borders while ad units outside of the content can use borders to call attention.

6. If your site has mainly repeat visitors (like Forums) you are able to rotate the background color of the ad units to cut back advertisement

Sunday, November 9, 2014

5 Tips to Be Successful in Blogging

If you are planning to advertise on your blog, you probably already heard about AdSense. It's the biggest online market for internet bloggers. Most individuals who advertise AdSense on their blog do very well; this is because in most cases the blogger did his research very well. If you would like to maximize your chances of advertising on your blog, I believe these five tips below will help you.

Make sure your blog is generating enough traffic

This is the most crucial factor. If you want to advertise on a blog with success your blog has to have huge traffic, listing it before monetizing that traffic would be a bad decision. You would be able to advertise it, but the money you'd get might be far below the real measure of the site.

Make sure you have good trust rating

Each member on the internet has a trust rating, and most advertisers will check it before placing their bids. In other words the higher your trust rating the higher the chances of success in advertising on your blog. As a result you should take all the actions that will improve your trust rating (e.g., connect your Flippa account with Facebook and
LinkedIn, verify your telephone number and so on).

Don’t hype your description

The more hype you put in your description, the more people will think you're desperate to advertise and that your blog isn't a solid one. Examples of remarks you should avoid include: “Huge potential!”, “A lifetime opportunity!”, “My loss is your gain!”Secondly, don’t hypothesize what the blog could be earning. Some people list blogs that are making $10 per month currently, and they go on saying: “This blog has the potential to make $4,000 per month easily!” If you knew this for certain you would not be selling the advertising space for such a low price.

Make sure you respond to every comment

Even if you write a crystal clear description people will still have questions, and they will ask them through the comment section. It's important to answer to every single comment, as this won't only encourage these commenters to want to advertise on your blog, but it will also improve the overall credibility.

Have a genuine reason for advertising

One of the first things people will ask you is why you are advertising? If there is no plausible reason, they will rightly assume that the blog is going downhill, and that you want to get rid of it before it becomes worthless. In fact it would be a good idea to include the reason for advertising. You definitely need to find one that fits with your blog, and doesn’t annoy your readers with ads that have nothing to do with you blog.

Friday, November 7, 2014

OracleBlogger dot com is for sale

Oracleblogger is a well known 3 years old blog. Focusing mainly on articles on "how to create traffic pulling and money making blog" with this keyword oracleblogger ranks 1 among 19,700,000 in Google search.  As at today there are over 900 articles therein.

I must confess that I have not had enough time to promote this blog,  I believe with a little effort in promotion, this blog will become one of the great blogs on the internet today..
Oracleblogger is the first blog I started my blogging with and thus it has some emotional value to me. That was the main reason I didn't sell it last year when it was at its highest peak of revenue and traffic generation. 


In the beginning I started the blog as www., this keyword name still attracts traffic to the blog because it is a keyword of its own and with this keyword the blog currently ranks 1 SERP in Google.

The main sources of revenue are AdSense, Infolinks, Affiliatelight, sponsored ads banners and blog/template customizations. It has got user base in Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, and Linkedin which are also medium of traffic generation. It also has a user base in forums like, and

Owing to my busy work as a Pastor I am unable to do the necessary promotions and updates of my blog. Though I have published around 937 articles in this blog, I am able to achieve this because whenever I am free I upload and schedule the post on autopost; this is one feature I love about Blogger. I have already schedule articles to be autoposted till Dec. 27 2014.

Without updating the site for 1 month I got 600-800 daily unique visits and on the day of updating it shoots to 1000-1200 pageviews then recedes back to 600-800 within 3-5 days. It was generating 2300 – 3300 daily traffic mid last year 2013.

Cost of Maintenance:

1) Hosting – free by
2) Domain - 12$ / year
3) Registrar – Godaddy

What will You Get if you buy Oracleblogger ?

1) Ownership of Domain Name (Great Brand Name)
2) Facebook Fan page - 186+ (
3) Twitter Fn page - 480+ (
4) Full Authority over my 940 articles
5) Full Authority over all the userbased forums listed above.
6.) Full Authority over email subscribers

Why I am Selling Oracleblogger?

I started this blog when I was a business man around may 2011, I later became a part time Pastor in my local Church; and now, I am going into full time into Pastoring in countryside Churches where there is going to be little or no access to internet. With this I don’t think I can cope; as you well know, the two careers are time consuming.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How to be Successful in MLM Using Social Media

More and more MLM independent business owners are using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and YouTube to connect with others. To help you get the most out of your social media efforts here are some best practices examples developed by a reputable MLM company within the industry.


1. Be transparent, authentic, and honest at all times. Those that mislead or make false claims are being dishonest at best and doing something illegal at worst. This kind of behavior can jeopardize their reputation as well as the company they are a distributor of. On the flip side, if you are open an honest you are apt to build a loyal following.

2. Be relevant and credible. Add value by writing messages and posts that are relevant to the people you are speaking with. I mean demonstrate your value by sharing knowledge. Avoid obvious product promotions which would be considered spamming.

3. Let people see you in a professional context and connect a face with your post. A photograph of yourself is recommended. Avoid using brand images and logos as this may be in violation of the rules of the MLM Company you are associated with.

Using your full name to name your page is recommended. Using MLM company logos may be in violation of MLM company conduct rules.

4. Prospecting for the business opportunity.
When an online friend shows interest in the business opportunity, acknowledge their interest and take the conversation offline. Contact them privately.

5. Prospecting for customers. Apply the same principles as for prospecting for business partners. Take the conversation offline.

6. Business and product claims. Business and product claims are not permitted on Social sites by some MLM Companies. However, sharing your personal experiences with the products you promote is acceptable and encouraged.

7. Privacy settings. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter allow you to manage your privacy setting. It is recommended that you should only allow your friends and colleagues to view your profile, photos, feeds and updates. Keep in mind that tweets and posts should not be solicitous in nature.

8. Cross-lining.
You may run across people in your social media experience who are in associated with a different company or a different line of sponsorship within the same company. If this occurs, do not use social media to argue or engage them in a long discussion. You both want to achieve success but you may just be taking different paths.

9. Reputation. The social media sites are a good place to establish reputation and to make friends. Do this by offering value and following the best practices stated above.