The Latest Tips for a Better Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization creates a better ranking for your web pages with the search engines that are suggesting your pages to viewers. Whenever someone types a word, or phrase into a browser the browser immediately attempts to find web pages they know of with content relevant to the persons typed request. The more relevant the search engine feels your pages are the closer to the top of the suggestions list your web address will be.
The following tips for search engine optimization will help you get 2014 started off with extra traffic to your pages.

1. You have to know where you stand before you can change your position. You need to monitor what position your web pages are offered in when certain phrases, and keywords, are typed into a browser. You should make a log that shows what number you are on the list of the different search engines, and check this position frequently to see if it changes.

2. Keywords are crucial to the recommendations from the search engines. For good SEO be certain that you are placing the keywords relevant to your content in the titles of articles, in the content of articles, and in the URLs, as well as in the names of images on your pages. Be certain that you have keywords in the title tag and on the page header of each page. These are the most important places for keywords. Make sure your keyword density remains around 2% are you could be seen by the engines as engaging in keyword stuffing, and if they feel like you are stuffing they will place your pages farther down on the list of recommendations.

3. Create links within the site that lead to other pages on the site. Linking visitors back to your own pages will increase your standing with the search engines, and it will also prove useful in getting people to places they want to be. You can establish links to other relevant sites, just be certain the content is relevant to your own, and make sure you keep a check on these links to ascertain whether or not they are functioning properly. The best places to create links to are Forum pages, Blog sites, and discussion groups.

4. You need a site map on your landing page that tells people exactly what page they need to go to for specific information. The site map should be easy to use, because the fewer times a person has to click to get to where they want to be, the more times they are likely to recommend your pages to their friends.

5. Search engine optimization is all about getting the spiders to crawl over your page and report what they find to the engines. Spiders do not recognize images, they only recognize text. Every image on your pages must have descriptive text so that the spiders see it, know what it is, and report it.

6. Keep your content fresh and interesting so that people have a reason to return.
Search engine optimization is not one activity, but is several activities you perform to increase your ranking. Search engine optimization requires keywords, content, and image descriptions, in order to increase your suggested ranking. You can get more information from SEO.

The Changing Tips of SEO in 2014

There are rumours going round that SEO is dead or may soon die. So many Search Engine Optimization professionals have been asking whether SEO as a tool for ranking websites is dead or not. And for those working in the SEO industry this is a little scary not knowing if their jobs are in jeopardy. In 2013, Google started taking major steps in fighting SPAM, and thus shifted the playing field for all SEO professionals and their clients.
So in 2014, trying to beat your competitors for your keywords and still trying to rank your website high may be challenging. This is because this hasn't changed; you still need quality authority backlinks from existing sites back to yours, as well as quality content with anchor text.

Most SEO experts know that you have to build a solid SEO performance in 2014 with white-hat techniques to continue to built on what we learned in 2013, as well as what these changes mean strategically for SEO.

Content Marketing is Key!
Content marketing will be the key to SEO and professional internet marketing in 2014. From a SEO expert's perspective, Google will be focusing on companies that have made robust SEO / content marketing efforts in the hopes that this is sign that they are the kind of business Google wants to support.

Advantages Of Good Content Strategy:
i. Regular content targeted to your audience.
ii. Social signals from regular posting and sharing with your audience.
iii. Measurable activity and or signs that your website is growing.
iv. Increasing authority and website page rank connected to your body of work.

If you have specific questions or are looking for help with SEO, contact a SEO services expert in your area on anywhere online. To help with your search, you should look for terms like "SEO expert" or “SEO services" or something to that effect.

Get a Google+ Presence!
In addition to strengthening your overall SEO and social media marketing position, it's going to be absolutely critical that you strongly invest in your Google+ presence.

Establishing Google Authorship of your article content and linking it to your Google+account is a major factor in determining who the major players will be in 2014 as far as SEO goes. Authorship connects your content with Google+ and plays an important role in the SERPs (search engine results pages). In the end you will have strengthened your overall Author Rank.

Those Google+ Ones add up with regular posting of solid original content. It is becoming clearer just exactly how much Google+1's will directly contribute to the overall ranking of our authorship and page-rank in general. It is actually going to be a major factor in the "social signals" component of Google's algorithm in 2014. Expect Google+, authorship and quality content to play a major factor in your websites scorecard in 2014.


Stay the course with white hat tactics and pay attention to quality content, quality backlinks (links back to your website), guest blogging, in order to improve your organic search engine visibility in 2014.

How to Use Blog to Promote Your Business

Blogging is certainly a sure way to promote any business. Too many persons consider blogging as a hobby, but do you know that it can play an important role in the overall growth of your marketing efforts? This is because blogs are very popular, and with such popularity your businesses online and offline can get the needed boost.


Why Blogs Are So Popular
1. First, anyone can sign up for a blog account for free. Hosting sites are aplenty, and you can have several blog platforms under your name without paying a single cent for maintenance.

2. The update tools of blogs are very intuitive. You do not have to be a programming junkie to understand what the tools are for and how to use them accordingly.

3. If you want to gain popularity in the niche you are trying to belong to, you can do so by simply updating your blog with fresh and relevant content. And fourth, you do not have to be a prolific writer to come up with engaging blog posts. There are no rules or certain competencies to meet.

4. Why blogs work in terms of your business' success is the fact that people love to read stories that are easy to understand and digest. With blogs, you get to break free from the pattern of always marketing your product. For instance, you have a bunch of positive customer testimonials. Ultimately, you cannot have every single positive note written about you on your business website since you want to keep your business website as formal and sales-oriented as possible. 

With blogs as another platform, you can expound more on your customer testimonials by putting it into stories that are easy to read from start to finish. Using your blog in this manner shows that you are not just about selling products. You also want to show them the human side of your business. 


5. With blogging, you have a new way of marketing your products. You can write practical articles that highlight the benefits and uses of your product. Instead of writing cheeky product descriptions with superlatives that do not seem to work anymore, practical write-ups and beneficial content in the form of a blog post can help you improve your marketing and advertising strategies further. Not all of your customers will know just how good of an investment it is to buy solar panels or solar pool heaters that you are selling if you will not put it in a blog post that can discuss the product's benefits and practical uses.

6. More importantly, since blog posts are easy to share, you can count on your loyal readers and constituents to spread the word about your blog content and also about your business to their network. Sharing a blog or a blog post is easy. Most share buttons on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites can be embedded in your blog so your readers can do the appropriate action properly. For as long as you keep your posts interesting, relevant and worth the share, you can count on your blog posts being read by more and more people.

7. If you are a business owner and you feel like your writing skills are sharp enough, you can use your blogging capacities to propel your business to the top. It is not enough that you have substantial capital and investments for your business. You need to bank on your online presence too given the proliferation of websites and the distribution of markets in the virtual community.

6 Crucial Practices to Consider for Today SEO

No doubt you've noticed that Google's search results page is continuously changing. In the past, it consisted of traditional organic and sponsored site matches for relevant keyword search. Today, it is comprised of videos, images, local maps, reviews, as well as social links. If you are competing for search engine rankings, below are a few basic tips that can get assist in getting prospects to find your website.

1. Social Media Matters

Social media is having an impact on search results. In fact, both Bing and Google have admitted in interviews that their search results are positively affected by social signals, such as Twitter tweets, Facebook Likes, and Google+1s.

Search engines are realizing that if people share your content that it's probably pretty good, which means consumers can now influence search results with clicks, tags, ratings, and bookmarks. Also, since search engines are able to display results in virtual real-time, tweets and Google+ results are now appearing above all other content.

Without a doubt social media is impacting how search engines are able to deliver more immediate and relevant results, which will only assist those businesses that are creating content that people love and engaging with them.

2. Local Priority!
For most searches Google displays its Places Listings and for many local companies this is an excellent opportunity to obtain visibility online. In fact, research has found that users are inclined to focus on the Google Places listings regardless how they are positioned on the search results page. With that said, if you're a local business owner, at the very least you NEED to have an Optimized Google Places listing.

Take advantage of all the content opportunities that Google provides by including as much information about the products and services you offer. Additionally, when possible link specific keywords or phrases back to a page on your website that is designed for conversion.

3. Another opportunity with Google Places are Reviews.

While Google only displays reviews that were created on their site, it is also important to seek out reviews from other online directories such as CitySearch, Insider Pages, Angie's List, Yelp, Judy's Book, Yahoo! Local, Super pages, and Trip Advisor. More and more, consumers are turning to reviews prior to making purchases so being considered a reputable source online can provide you with a significant competitive advantage. Finally, ensure that you listing is stated exactly the same in all of your directory submissions. If you abbreviate your address on one of them, abbreviate it on all of them.

4. Ad Heavy Pages Will Be Punished

I'm sure you been on a web page that could be considered ad-heavy... pages that have virtually no content. Well, Google is currently testing algorithms that determine the things that really matter, and how much content is above the fold. Matt Cutts, head of the web spam team at Google has recently stated, "If you have ads obscuring your content, you might want to think about it," asking publishers to consider, "Do they see content or something else that's distracting or annoying?"

5. Remember, content is still king.
The most effective long term SEO strategies include the creation of well written, relevant content across the internet. One way to accomplish this is to not only blog, but to guest blog on other non-related industry sites. Just remember that the content needs to be relevant to what you do. I write articles and blog posts for the water park industry even though it is an entirely different market than internet consulting. However, there are any number of related topics that I can write content as it relates to my area of expertise within the water park industry.

6. You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure
When managing a website it's essential to make changes based on results, but in order to do so it's critical to use the right tools. When reviewing key word performance use a tool that measures the competitiveness of the keyword or phrase as well as your page rank and position on various search engines. This data, if monitored regularly, will allow you to compare the performance of your key words. This information is critical to making smart decisions when adjusting your content marketing plan.

6 Very Vital SEO Tools for 2014

Like many other SEO practitioners around the world, I have spent the past couple of years trying out various techniques, methods and tools to try to finding the holy grail of tools that allows me to perfect my job.

I have found that unless you are prepared to pay (or sweet talk your boss into paying) a substantial monthly fee for said tools, you are left mainly to rely on the freebies that are scattered around the internet to conduct your everyday jobs.
 Being the kind hearted kind of person that I am, I have decided to share my knowledge of some of the best free tools that are out there. Now before you read any further you need to understand one important thing; these are tools that I use. They may not be the very  best tools, they may not be the most efficient way of doing SEO but saying that they are equally likely to be the best tools in the world - I have no idea. All I know is that I use them and they work vey well for me a great deal.

 I have no connection with the companies that produce these tools and do not take any blame for the overwhelming successes (or losses) that may incur through use of these tools. I'm also kind of hoping that this article will start a conversation and that I get a multitude of people suggesting other tools for SEO use.

Here Are The Tools:
1. Keyword research: I find it almost impossible to conduct successful keyword research without really understanding the client and what it is they are trying to promote. I always meet with the client and grill them about their business and what they want to push. I try to visit their business, get shown around, find out what their customers are like, look at their products - anything that helps me understand the business in question. Forming a relationship with my client is one of the key things for me that really help.

2. Google AdWords. I use this to gauge which keywords search engine users are actually typing in. I'm sure this is the norm for most SEOers but I guess if you're just starting out and no-one tells you which tools to use, how on earth would you know?

3. Finding broken bits:  internetmarketingninjas - I have no connection with these guys but I do use their tools on a regular basis. I mainly use the 'broken links, redirects and site crawl tool' to give an overall idea of the state of a website's title tags and meta descriptions as well any broken internal links that there may be.

4.  You do need to sign up and verify your website to use Bing webmaster tools but it is definitely worth it, if only for the SEO analyzer tool. Stick your url in and it will tell you if there are H1 problems, alt text missing and lots of other useful doodads.

5. Building backlinks opensiteexplorer:
Is a great help with building up backlinks. Stick your competitors url in and it gives you a list of their backlinks. You can then steal use this information to help you build your own backlink profile.

6. Overall website checknibbler.silktide: Put the website url in and it provides you with a score out of 10. Not only that, it gives you a breakdown of what's good and bad and hints to how you can improve the website - very handy.

Like I say, I have no affiliation with any of these websites or tools and don't know anyone else who does either but hopefully you may find some of these useful and if you have any tools that you are willing to share, please do using the comment box below.

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These ideas often require changes and modifications in the way you think and use your time, but the price is well worth it. You will find that by reorganizing your life in little ways, you can create an existence that gives you the highest quality and quantity of satisfaction overall. Find out more about success in life from this book.

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 3. WEALTH CREATION LAWS: If your money could talk, what would it say to you? Would it say that you don’t enjoy its company very much; or would it ask you how on earth it could do any work for you if you’re holding onto it so tight? There are many laws and formulae that govern our universe and our economy. And there have also been many different and innovative formulae created for the attainment of wealth and financial security.

4. YOU CAN CHOOSE TO BE RICH: Just like the title reads "You Can Choose To Be Rich". It is very true that you can choose to be rich, however, there are some very vital factors that you must know and understand, find out from the master himself: Robert Kiyosaki

5. LEADERSHIP TRAINING ACTIVITY BOOK: What makes a great leader?
Are leaders born or made?
Are there common traits that all leaders possess?
Can anyone become a leader?
How good are our leaders?
 Find out the answers to these questions and many other questions bothering on leadership from this power packed book.

6. MINDS OF WINNERS: How do winners think, what made them winners, are they different humans? What do they know and do that others do not know and do? Find out the truth about winners in all areas of life from this book.

7. GURUS ON E-BUSINESS:This book explores the impact and significance of e-business as illustrated by the work and thinking of a number of key players in the field. Its aim is to be an accessible guide aimed at business people who are looking to make optimal and profitable use of e-business, as well as at students and others who are looking for a deeper understanding of the subject.

8. GURUS ON LEADERSHIP:  In a world where every business and organization is in a permanent state of change, these questions are asked constantly. Yet ‘leadership’ as a word did not really appear in a dictionary until the late 1800s. Prior to that period of time leaders enjoyed largely inherited power and authority. It was the time of Kings and Tyrants. ‘Leadership’ as a topic for development and study in the business world only came into real focus with the onset of the industrial era of the early 20th century.

9. GURUS ON PEOPLE MANAGEMENT: The challenges of managing people “To see what you can be, start with who you are.” Globalisation, empowerment, cross-functional teams, downsizing, restructuring, learning organisations, knowledge workers. If these buzzwords don’t sound familiar, they should, they are changing your life and the way you manage people.

Managers have to manage people. I would say managing people constitutes at least 80% of the managerial function. It is the most difficult and yet most rewarding function. Most managers do not want to own up to the fact that they are inadequate as far as managing people are concerned. Even some organizations do not want to accept that all managers need continuous training and support in relation to their function of managing people.

10. HOW TO OVERCOME FAILURE & ACHIEVE SUCCESS: Everything man creates or acquires, begins in the form of DESIRE, desire is taken on the first lap of its journey, from the abstract to the concrete, into the workshop of the IMAGINATION, where PLANS for its transition are created and organized.

The formation of a DEFINITE, practical plan, or plans, through which this transformation may be made is a very important step. You will now be instructed how to build plans which will be practical:....

 11. EAT THAT FROG: This is a wonderful time to be alive. There have never been more possibilities and opportunities for you to achieve more of your goals than exist today. As perhaps never before in human history, you are actually drowning in options. In fact, there are so many good things that you can do that your ability to decide among them maybe the critical determinant of what you accomplish in life.

12. CREATE YOUR OWN FUTURE:  How To Master The 12 Critical Factors of Unlimited Success. “If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves.”(Thomas Edison)

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a land far away, there lived an old man in a house on top of a hill. He had dedicated his entire life to study and meditation. He was known far and wide for his intelligence, sensitivity and wisdom. Politicians, businesspeople and dignitaries came to visit him and ask him questions. His answers were always correct.

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